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Lager gegen Flüchtlinge und Migrant*innen in Russland

Den Ausdruck “concentration camp” halte ich für unangemessen, aber die Info, dass Russland seine Grenzen dichter macht und dass dort ebenso wie in den EU Staaten gegen Flüchtlinge und Migrant*innen verstärkt rassistisch mobil gemacht wird ist eine bedrohliche Entwicklung für uns Alle:

Ein weiterer informativer Artikel auf deutsch zum Hintergrund von der “Gesellschaft für bedrohte Völker”:


This is a new concentration camp for illegal immigrants in Moscow. Already, 3,500 illegals have been hereded there, many from ex-Soviet -stans, but also 1,200 Vietnamese, couple hundred Chinese, and even some Syrians, apparently

765288794Whole families, including small chidlren, are now in the camp


As more and more are detained every day. Up to 1,000 illeglas now are being arrested each day in Moscow. and similar operations are being lanched and camps assembled, in otehr regions, as anti-migrant operations are ramping up, with the government and public outraged by both the attack on the police officer on the street market that I posted about, even though that was done by Russian citizens from Dagestan lol But illegals always get blamed for everything; and by an apparent robbery at an Orthodox church by Uzbek illegals, who beat up a security guard and carried out some valuables. Putin himself spoke on the issue, talked about criminal illegals and corrupt local cops who cover them, said this must be ended.

Now, they, police, are all shaken up and are jumping on the illegals with the full might of Russian law enforcement. And on Caucasians too. In fact, there is now a special “Ethnic Crimes Department” of Russian police… The two cops (“sold-out cowards”, in Putin’s words) who were with the operative who ot his scull shattered, supposedly, were fired and now are themselves in prison.

All hell is breaking loose there now…

Meanwhile in Saint Petersburg, on July 30th, Slavic nationalists went throgh a Muslim street market overturning tables and deliberately destroying produce, as police stood around and watched and did nothing. And they say there will be more of these “cleansing operations”


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