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Freedom for basak sahin duman








there are lots of german written information, but only few in english describing the case, so here is a part from a petition, which describes the background of the inprisonment of basaj sahin duman. even

she is not related to anarchism as far as we could find information, she is a prisoner and in danger of being delivered to the barbarian turkish prison system because of her social engagement and emancipative politics.

solidarity and freedom for basak sahin duman!


Basak Sahin Duman, who has got residence permit in Germany and one of the ex-student leaders, arrested in Croatia, and wanted to be extradited to Turkey, a regime of repression and torture. She is going to spent long years in prison because of her activities at school if she would be extradited!

On 29 May 2012, Basak Sahin Duman has been arrested at the Zagreb airport when travelling from Germany to Croatia by airplane. The reason of her arrest is the existence of an international arrest warrant issued by Turkey. It is a well known fact that Turkish state continuously tortures prisoners, whose numbers counted as about 13 thousand, and this fact has been underlined on numerous times by the international human rights organisations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, and by the EU Commission.

We strongly condemn the detention by Croatia of someone who has been living in Germany since 2006 and has got a right to remain in the country, and attempts to extradite her to Turkey. In Turkey, where there is no freedom of expression, thought and press, everyone who struggles for democracy can be attacked and imprisoned. In Turkey, where there is 100 journalists and writers, 2000 children and over 500 students, numerous trade unionists and thousands of Kurdish activists are in prison, attending a demonstration, writing an article, demanding freedom of thought and democratic rights can be a reason for long term imprisonment by the state. And Basak Sahin Duman was given imprisonment sentence because of using her democratic rights.

When she was studying at Istanbul University Medical Faculty, Basak Sahin Duman, born in 1979 in Ankara, suffered from police violence and put in prison because of shouting her demand for democratic university in protest against the Kemal Alemdaroglu, University Rector, during opening ceremony for 2002-2003 education year. This is just one example of treatments the students get when they demand “free, democratic, scientific and autonomous university”.

On 7 December 2004, Basak Sahin Duman was arrested together with many people during a student demonstration organised against the government’s attempt to pass a law through the parliament in Ankara. She was released after spending 3 months in prison. However the court case continued until 2010.

The case heard at the Ankara 11th Heavy Penalty Court had ended on 22 April 2010 with sentence of 224 years imprisonment in total for dozens of people, Basak Sahin Duman was given 7 years 6 months. The court case opened against this lawlessness at European Court of Human Rights on 25 October 2011 with 71667/11 file number still continues.
Now the Croatia, a candidate country for EU, becomes partner of such anti-democratic practices of the Turkish State by detaining Basak Sahin Duman and willing to extradite her to Turkey. And the German State, where she has been living since 2006, still keeps its silence on the situation.

Her application for a political asylum in order to stop the extradition has been denied by the Croatian police under the pretext that Croatia does not recognise right to asylum at all –which represents another law crime. Yet it has not been officially confirmed whether her application for asylum has reached to the court. There are many people who have already applied for asylum in France, Germany and Switzerland because of the same court case of which Basak Sahin Duman got punishment too.


some information in other languages:

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