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Statement by the Moscow “Red” and anarchist skinheads (RASH) about the events on Dec. 11, 2010.

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Events on December 11 at the Manege Square showed how traffic rules of football fans in Moscow rotten and “Cormorant”. We are not surprised that the cynicism with which a crowd of 3000 suburban young “hooligans”, the old Liquor “gitlerofilov, and fashionable children’s” AIR max “” zigovala “near the Kremlin, Zhukov monument and eternal flame. Actually not surprised and that law enforcement agencies responded loyally and given an opportunity to “fans” to let off steam. Everyone understood that small detachments of riot police and police patrols will not be able to keep these crazy, although this event is open to advertise on the Internet, got the impression that the authorities, this was a surprise to see so many people are not explicitly configured mourning.Perhaps the surprise was that the crowd can make a “riot,” as if “futbolniki” is not crushed Manege Square in 2002. All Rights euphoria about the coming of their long-awaited ‘soon-soon “is just speculation with facts, and the presentation of wishful thinking. Participants RASH – Moscow specifically went to this rally, to see for themselves, what are the participants in this event. What we saw there, creates a completely different picture created by right-wing bloggers on the Internet. There is no “soon-soon” and the more victories there was not a trace! Throughout the fight involved mostly drunk right “fighters” who managed to fight among themselves as well. No solidarity and fraternal support and speech could not be. It is no wonder that hundreds of riot police easily restrained 3000 “fans” if they fight out of them 60 people, and called the fight was hard.We are accustomed to serious clashes with the authorities on our activities can definitely say that the riot act so specifically in order to repeal Article 31 of the Constitution once again proved its correctness. And it does not mention the “crackdown” on the football fans in 2018!

Taking into account the above, does not understand the approval of the rules of the fans on December 11 at the Manege Square in Moscow metro.We see in their actions a clear disrespect for the deceased Yegor Sviridov and his family. Their actions have reaffirmed that the right movement in Russia is made up of outsiders and sadists with whom dialogue is impossible and even more so to express solidarity.

At the same time we can not ignore the so-called “black issue”. We as civilized human beings is unacceptable savage behavior, and do not intend to circumvent the problem of organized banditry along ethnic lines. We understand that to fight them at the level of attacks on individual groups of Caucasians, no reason is likening the far right.Our culture allows us to deal with the cattle by any means. And external aggression nationalism and racism of any blood will not be tolerated by us as quickly as the white racists.

Moscow – this is Babylon. Rotting flesh from the top have long reached the people and corrupting it from within. Every enemy of his neighbor.

Our alternative is solidarity and internationalism. Only the contract between the intrinsic

Second, we will be able to live peacefully

RASH – Moscow

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