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1st december: Another Belarusian anarchist detained in Moscow

Today (1st of december) in Moscow an anarchist Ihar Alinevich was kidnapped by the special services. Ihar was wanted by Belarusian special services as a suspect participant in an anarchist action near Joint Staff building in Sept. last year as well as in attack on the Russian embassy in August this year. It’s still not clear if it’s Russian or Belarusian special forces that detained him. At the moment his location is not clear as well. When the incident happened Ihar was accompanied by a friend who was lucky to avoid detainment. Here is a short extract from his message.

Today at 14.45 we headed to the metro station “Bagrationovskaja” to meet our comrade from Belarus A.L. At the exit of the supermarket “Ashan” Ihar was captured by 5 plainclothes cops and put to the ground. They disregarded me as probably they were waiting for Ihar only. I quickly walked away trying to disappear in the crowd when another young man attempted to knock me down but I managed to keep my balance. I ran away and therefore escaped.

I’d like to point out that we were attacked about a kilometre away from the place of the meeting. Ihar had warned me that this meeting could be a provocation. We spent about 3 hours in a café on the 3rd floor of the supermarket where we later got trapped. We hadn’t notice anything suspicious at first, but closer to the appointed time of the meeting they were waiting for us. The anticipation that A.L. could give a tip-off to the cops proved true.

*A.L. was one of the first anarchists detained on 3rd Sept. this year. He was released after 9 days of detainment.

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