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occupation of belarussian embassy in st.petersburg in solidarity against repression

Today 29/09 a group of four social activists and anarchists came to the consulate of
Bielorussia in St.Petersburg to demand the release of our comrades and stop of political
repressions against Bielorussian activists. They refused to leave the building until
their demands were met and insisted on seeing the consul. Although the occupation was
non-violent and no harm was done to the personnel and property of the consulate the
employees called the police who evicted the activists and brought them to the police
station. After some time the police decided to accuse the activists of hooliganizm and
brought them to court but the judge for some reason did not accept the protocoles
(probably because of too many procedure violations). Now the activists are free but they
will be called to court later.
The news in Russian

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