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Stockholm: action of solidarity with the Khimki hostages

17 September, Stockholm

Today the International action days in support of Alexei Gaskarov and Maxim Solopov have started. A dozen activists of Denmark, Sweden and several CIS countries held a solidarity demonstration in front of the Russian embassy in Stockholm, with banners and posters, as well as handing out information materials to the few passers-by.

The activists were able to express their concern with the imprisoned antifascists to the representatives of the Russian embassy. A collective letter was given to embassy personal, who promised to give it to the ambassador. The letter demanded the Russian authorities to immediately stop the persecution of activists, to release all detainees from the prison and to stop the cutting down Khimki Forest.

20 minutes after the beginning of the action the police showed up, according to whom, since the activists were with more than 9, the action was to be regarded as an illegal demonstration, and therefore sanctions might follow. If the activists would not move across the street, where they would not block the entrance to the embassy, arrest would follow. After half an hour the decision was taken to indeed go to the other side of the street. There the action lasted one more hour. More passer-by’s were informed about the situation in Russia.

Though it was a small rally, embassy employees were clearly distressed about the demonstration, and thus there is good hope that it has helped to put more international pressure on Russian authorities internationally.

Freedom for the Khimki hostages!
Stop repressions of anti-fascists in Russia!
No to cutting down Khimki Forest!

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