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Biblioteca Alternativa Bucharest

Just to advertise the place “alternative library” in Bucharest, Romania. The text is copied from the blog of the project:

The Alternative Library:

  • Came into existence through the initiative of an informal group to
    share a
    collection of materials intended to contribute to developing a critical
    towards the world and society that we live in, constituting at the same
    time a
    basis for discussions that aim for engendering social change.
  • is Organized on non-hierarchical principles.
  • Represents an autonomous, non-profit project based on the voluntary
    contribution of those who want such spaces to exist, to develop and to
    independent of European/institutional financing. All donations are
  • Gathers over 260 books and 300 magazines/pamphlets that have gone
    from hand to
    hand to reach this space. These are grouped in various fields:
    sociology/anthropology, anarchism/social movements/direct action,
    gender/sexuality/LGBTQ, colonialism/militarism, repression/political
    literature, art/photography, etc. In order for all to be be able to
    these materials, please respect the lending terms and return the
    materials in
    the same state you received them.
  • Also functions as a social-center and hosts activities organized by
    people who
    want to share their ideas and practical knowledge with all those
    interested. In
    this way, the space is open to you!
  • Offers its space for the development of independent and non-profit
  • Does not accept oppressive and authoritarian ideas/attitudes
    (racist, sexist, homophobic,
    xenophobic, etc.) within its space.
  • Hopes you will visit it on Bogdan Voda street nr. 9 (North Train
    Station area) or send
    your suggestions and thoughts to biblioteca-alternativa
  • Will share scheduled events and its latest news here (generally in

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