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summer camp of ukrainian autonomous workers union


ukr-campWe, the anarchists of the Autonomous Workers Union, invite our comrades to the international libertarian summer camp, which will take place from 22nd to 26th of August. There will be lectures and workshops on the theory and practice of anarchism, engagement in sports and exercises, acquaintances and communication between the activists from different countries and, of course, the invaluable experience of self-organization. Every participant will have the opportunity to partake in the camp’s cultural, educational, and sports agenda — one only needs to get in touch with us and voice their ideas and wishes.

A kitchen will be set up at the camp. A participant will be expected to make a contribution, which will be spent on food, fresh water and camping fees. The exact amount of the contribution is still unknown (it depends on the food price fluctuation at the end of summer), but is assumed to be about 300 hryvnias — 18.5 Euro at the current exchange rate.

We will organize a vegetarian diet only. A participant who’d like to have some non-vegetarian meal at the camp is expected to provide it for themself.
A camp entrant should have:
1) A sleeping mat and a sleeping bag.
2) A separate set of tableware (a bowl, a cup, a spoon and a fork)
3) Personal hygiene items
4) Mosquito repellant.

We would also ask everyone to bring tents if possiple, in order to reduce the overall cost of accommodation.

The exact camp location and the directions will be sent personally to those who submitted the application form. You can find the form at the following link:

Fascists, Stalinists, sexists, homophobes, authoritarians and other discrimination advocates are not welcome.

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