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Invitation to the internationalist BUKO congress 36 „Everyone or nowhere“


Dear friends, dear acitvists,
we would like to cordially invite you, your reading group, your
friends, your (chosen) family and your housing project to the
internationalist BUKO36 congress “everyone or nowhere. Urban struggles
and freedom of movement“. The congress wil be held in Leipzig
(Germany) from the 29. May until the 1. June 2014. The congress is a
space for exchange between left movements – exchanging ideas,
networking and communication over internationalist politics and direct
action are the focus. The congress is organised by the Federal
Coordination of Internationalism and the local organising group. The
BUKO is a left umbrella organisation in Germany and focuses on
emancipatory politics and a radical critique of social relations from
a social movement perspective. You can find more information on BUKO:

The thematic focus for this year lies on the struggle for a Right to
the City and contentious urban planning, as well as the issues of
migration and racism. Theses issues are discussed with a special focus
on a feminist perspective. The internationalist perspective and
international participation of the congress program is equally
important to us. This shall be reflected in the workshops, the issues
and discussions, as well as the speakers’ cast. Besides theoretical
analyses of the issues, we also want to have a congress with direct
action and practical perspectives.

You can find an overview on the program here:
A few examples of the workshops:

Freedom of Movement:
Matthias Monroy “Armament outwards and control inside: an inventory of
the migration regime of the European Union” Mutlu Ergün “Everyday
Racism, Whiteness and Resistance: What’s “Race” got to do with it?”
Emmanuel Mbolela/ Afrique Europe Interact “Between desert and ocean:
Struggles for freedom of movement in the transit” Migráns Szolidaritás
Hungary "Situation of refugees in Eastern Europe? Women in Exile &
Friends “Refugees policies from a feminist perspective” Juanita
Henning/ Dona Carmen e.V. “Human trafficking and forced prostitution ?
EU concepts for migration containment”

Urban struggles:
The European Action Coalition for the Right to Housing and to the
City: “European Housing Struggles against Financialisation and
Austerity” Carla Hirt/ Comitê Popular do Rio – Brasil: "The “Comitê
Popular do Rio – World Cup and Olympia”: resistence against the legacy
of inequality in the context of sport events in Rio de Janero? Selene
Cruz/ Creciente Popular (Colombia): “Between city and peripherie. The
necessity for an urban grassroot movement” Fuel Poverty Action (UK):
"Power to the People! Struggles against energy poverty? Gemeinsame
Front für Recht auf Wohnen- Romania/ PAH Spain: “Forced Eviction and
Resistance – An Exchange” Grassroots organisation Kaika-Shi
(Venezuela): “Democratisation of the city – but with everyone?”

Our international guests:

Right to the City:
collective front for the right to housing – Rumania # Grassroots
organisation Kaika-Shi- Venezuela # Youth network Creciente Popular,
Columbia, Columbia # Carla Hurt/ Comité Popular do Rio- Brasil #
Network of those affected from mortgage (PAH)- Spain # M15- Spain #
SPOK- Netherlands # Droit au Logement/ Right to Housing – France #
Colectivo Habita- Portugal # Solidarity for all- Greece # Action
Diritti in Movimento- Italy

Migration and racism
No-Border-Movement Serbia- Serbien # Migszol/ Migrant Solidarity Group
of Hungary # Emmanuel Mbolela/ Afrique-Europe-Interact- Congo/
Netherlands # Alassane Dicko/ Association of Deported Malians – Mali #
Activist from Choucha- Congo/ Tunesia

Brett Scott/ Fuel Poverty Action- UK # Antifa-Activists Murmansk-
Russia #Adriana Martínez Rodríguez/ Permanent Peoples Tribunal Mexico-
Mexico # Andrés Barreda Marín/ Universidad Nacional Autónoma de
México- Mexico # Octavio Rosas Landa Ramos/ ANAA- Mexico# Yescka/
artist – Mexico # Video activist/ CADEHO (Huma rights chain Honduras)-
Honduras/ Spain

More information on the congress (program, registration, call out,

We are looking forward to an exciting exchange with you during the

BUKO36 organising group

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