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solidarity against squat evictions in greece

The Municipality buildings of Ioannina (NW Greece) and Heraclion (Crete) have been occupied at the morning of 5th of september in solidarity to the squats evicted all around Greece. Most recently the squat Antiviosi in Ioannina was evicted,which was started in 2008.
In the morning of Thursday, August 29, the cops invaded and evacuated the occupied Antiviosis.


While the evacuation was in progress, hundreds of people started gathering outside the building of the occupation shouting slogans, and soon marched to the Labour Center of Ioannina where they continued the protest action for many hours.

This latest police operation is part of a broader attempt of repressive forces to reaffirm their existence in the city. In the previous days, they had had to face the protest occupation of the municipal radio of Ioannina, as well as other direct actions resisting the State repression of squats and self-organized spaces throughout the country, a repression that targets all forms of social resistance, starting from the workplace (and the lack of it) and reaching the horrific heights of concentration camps for the sans-papiers.

The squatters and the people in Solidarity immediately issued an announcement stating, among other things that local politicians, cops and judges, administrators and co should realize that neither Antiviosis nor any other occupation or social center cannot be destroyed by them.
Dozens of antiauthoritarian groups, initiatives and assemblies of occupied spaces expressed their solidarity and support and in Arta, Thessaloniki,
several neighbourhoods of Athens,
and Kavala,
info-actions were organized, banners were hung in public places and spontaneous demos publicized the Antiviosis eviction.

Spaces of struggle and freedom like Antiviosis host social structures, ideas and relationships that do not depend on the walls that can be pulled down, nor on the doors that can be locked.

The social struggles will continue, and so will solidarity to squats and social spaces.

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