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repression against “food not bombs” – concert participants in minsk, belarus

According to the newsportal of charta97, a concert in solidarity with “food not bombs” action in minsk at the 24th of march was attacked by police and around 100 young people imprisoned and several injured.

“The young people are accused of minor hooliganism, in accordance with article 17.1 of the Administrative Code of the Republic of Belarus, the human rights center Viasna reports.” (

There is a video of the police raid available.

“Groups of FNB (Food not bombs) initiative are engaged in serving free food. As activists explain, FNB is not just an initiative for sharing food for free. But their work activists try to attract attention of the society to the problems of social inequality and poverty in their country and worldwide. They try to attract attention to the fact that these problems are complex ones, and that they cannot be viewed separately from the political and social system, and urge “to eradicate the problem, not to struggle with its consequences.” (

See also a russian written article with more background information: and

Solidarity with the struggling people and the anarchists in belarus!

Down with the state repression and lukashenko!

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