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On Protests from Romania

In the last days, on the university square in bucuresti police answered with violence against more than 1000 protesting people, who are against the government and it’s social-cut programm. The media is trying to put an “unpolitical” image on the protests, while actions take place in other cities in romania, too.


There are many forms of violence that Romanians are confronting every day: government violence, capitalism violence, the symbolic violence that is used through the state or private institutions in order to creat the proper medium for the absurdities and crime of both – the state and the capital.

It is imposible to live with the minimum wage of 570 lei per month when only the heat over the winter may rise to 300 lei per month, when the price for a small flat rise to 400.000 lei and the rent can reach 1.000 lei.  I should also mention the arrogance of Traian Basescu that is naming the working class – ‘lazy’; the arrogance of senator Iulian Urban that named the protestors – ‘worms’ and the arrogance that can be seen daily on the faces of the politicians and on the faces of those almighty businessman they protect, and that can get away with any crime they make. They have the monopol over violence, including physical violence when people’s voice rise.

Those that thrown bricks and Molotov cocktails represent a tiny part of the violence that people confront daily and their violence is a direct result of all the frustration accumulated in time, in a society ruined and leaded to poverty by the government and the cupidity of the capitalist class.

Mass media reports

There are a few clichés that are to be found in mass media reports:
– ‘Those that thrown bricks are football hooligans’. No one reported that among this ‘hooligans’ can be found middle class youth with university studies. The media reports tend only to discredit them and not to find and analyse the causes of their anger and although most of the protesters are peacefull this attitude will legitimate the government to repress them and to abuse them with more violence;
– ‘The number of gendarmes on the street must grow’. The number of gendarmes is already big and they are making victims including among elderly people;
– Some TV stations report a much smaller number of protesters;
– The press don’t reveal to the large public that protesters shout among others – ‘The only solution – another revolution!’.

Government reaction

– The government called the gendarmes from all over the country and placed them in the cities where protests are taking place;
– The government stoped a train, when people from another city – Craiova, wanted to come in Bucharest to support the protests;
– Under the reason that ‘they are making noise’, the police took in custody – only last night – over 70 persons and they arrested around 100 persons although there was no violent acts from the protesters.

What the government should know

These protests are against the system. What the government should know – is that the repression of these protests can be the prelude for the revolution.

some photos with banners from university square :

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