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nobordercamp bulgaria 2011 – actions in svilengrad

There had been a demonstration with street exhibition and information distribution in svilengrad at the second day of the nobordercamp in bulgaria. At the end of the demonstration, speeches were held in front of the border-police office.

A bit confusing in the beginning, we walked through the pedestrian zone and as most of people did not speak any bulgarian communication with locals about our reason to be present was limited. Police was filming but kept distance. Noborder camp activists installed a photoexhibition from hamburg that was related to roma people and migration issues and some street theatre took place which was rising interest of local people passing by. Leaflets were a bit limited but very necessary to make people aware what it was all about. After the demonstration to the police station there had been candles lightened and shoes put in front of the office of the border police to remember the affected of violence of the borders and their guards. All in all the day was nice and people managed to make the best out of difficulty to make yourself understandable. Peoples reaction was not negative, but probably just as interested as if other kinds of actions would have take place in the city where not many people pass by who are not living there. The samba band was especially for the children very nice and helpfull to attrackt people and keeping our mood positive in the hot sun.

other reports (some with pictures) about the action:


local media reports about the action (it was quite positive compared to one national media, which wrote lots of bullshit):

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