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travelling in the northeast of europe

As we left helsinki after some nice squat opening cafe session, we went to estonias capital tallinn and continued hitchhiking to riga in latvia. People from the initiative punamust (black red) in tallinn welcomed us in their new social centre room in a hughe old factory building, which they started this year. There is a corner with zines and other infoshop-like material existing and space for events and guests. The punamust initiative celebrated in 2011 five year anniversary.

In general we did not do many political activities travelling in the baltic countries. In Riga and later in Vilnius, we were rather sightseeing the cities and did not found local initiatives to write about here. Hitchhiking is quite good possible as there are nearly no highways that would make you to keep out of the street but rather everywhere good places to stand and stop.

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