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Liberate Nikolai Dedok, Alexander Frantskevich and Maxim Vetkin! The call to the international days of united actions in support of belarus anarchists on December 10-13.

In connection with the situation about repression of anarchists and
social activists getting worse WE – anarchists, friends and nearests of
repressed ones – are calling you to take part in Days of Solidarity with
belarus Anarchists on the 10-13ths of December 2010. We consider that
only international protests against repressions of independent activists
trying to change things in Belarus for the better are able to make
Lukashenko give the go-ahead to stop mass arrests and to close political
cases of Dedok, Frantskevich and Vetkin.

In October the actions against repressions of anarchist and left
movement activists took place in Austria, Belarus, Germany, Lithuania,
Poland, Russia, Serbia and Ukraine. Thank you for your solidarity! The
actions supported both hearts of locked up Nikolai Dedok and Alexander
Frantskevich and encouraged repressed activists.

Nikolai Dedok and Alexander Frantskevich were charged with the art. 339
p.2 of Criminal Code of Belarus (“hooliganism”,up to 6 years of arrest).
Nikolai’s arrest  is extended up to the 6th of February (totally 5
months of detention). Alexander arrest is prolonged for one more month
at the moment. It is clear that the investigation is about to do their
best to sentence the accused long.

Maxim Vetkin was arrested on the 4th of November. He is now at the
detention center on Volodarskogo st. He is accused of the same article
as the other arrested guys – “Hooliganism”, art. 339 p.2 CCB. Due to
high level of secrecy and limitation of lawyers jurisdiction we don’t
have more information for now.

Nikolai Dedok is blamed for the organization of an anti-militarist
demonstration when a smoke bomb was thrown to the enclosed territory of
General Staff (the video of the action ).

The theory of the investigation is that Alexander Frantskevich was
shooting on camera the symbolic attack on the police station in
Soligorsk, when one window was broken. The room didn’t get trespassed.
We are sure the cases of Dedok, Frantskevich and Vetkin are politicized
– the danger of charges does not correspond the incidents.

As we have found out belarus special forces work side by side with
Russian ones supposing that there is a single whole “extremist” network.
Investigators frighten friends of the accused trying to make them
slander Dedok and Frantskevich and to recruit them for working as agents
in the movement.

Amotivational arrests and interrogations of the anarchists and social
activists continue. Our comrade Sergei Slyusar spent 10 days under
detention without any charges after a solidarity action  in Bobruisk
where the KGB building had been pelted by unknown persons with Molotov
cocktails. Sergei was arrested only because he was an anarchist and had
the misfortune to live in Bobruisk. A musician and professional
architect Anton Novikov was arrested for 3 days on the 27th of October.
It is impossible to ascertain how many people exactly  went through
pressure by specs but the number of them already exceeded 50 in seven
cities in Belarus.

Two more our comrades are forced to hide from belarus secret police. We
believe the activity of special forces will only increase in appearance
of president elections in Republic of Belarus dated on the 19th of
December – they’ve got to gain favor with chiefs for the next star on
shoulder straps.

1. On days of the united actions carry out impressive actions in your
cities during official political and cultural events linked to Belarus
as well as near embassies and consulates of Republic of Belarus, demand
the meetings with official representatives and give them petitions. Any
belarus companies, goods, events are able to be fortunate causes of action;

2. Involve local human rights advocates for bringing up the problem
about prosecutions in Belarus;

3. Demand publishing the information on the situation in Belarus in mass

You can also send a letter of solidarity to the arrested by mailing us,
and then we will forward in to the guys.

Or mail directly to the detention center:
Prizon N8, ul.Sovetskaya, 22-a, Zhodino, Minskaya oblast, Belarus,
222160, Dedok Nikolai Aleksandrovich
SIZO-1, room 46, ul.Volodarskogo, 2, Minsk, Belarus, 220050,
Frantskevich Aleksandr

Anarchist Black Cross Belarus, friends and nearests of the arrested.

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