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more solidarity actions against repression in belarus

There had been more solidarity actions taking place in the context of the solidarity action days in different parts of europe and beyond.

The activists of the Crimea antifascist action have made a graffiti in support of the belarusian activists repressed by the authorities.

In Ufa, an antirepression demonstration took place in solidarity with the anarchists in belarus and the khimki hostages.

In Belgorod, banners were taken to the streets in solidarity on 14th of october.

In Lublin a samba action and speech took place.

In Berlin, the Zielona Gora a solidarity meeting and discussion took place and money was collected at the 15th of october.

In Bobruisk, molotov cocktail was thrown against KGB office.

In Minsk, at the 15th of october a picket was held and some letter delivered to officials. Also, a graffitty was made some days before.

In Vienna, a picket was held in front of the embassy at the 14th of october and a graffitty.

In Innsbruck, there were also some graffitties made.

To be continued…

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