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[belarus] The current events – october

Last updated on Wednesday, October 6rd, 18:00

Dzianis Bystryk and Barys Ashchepkau who were arrested at September 30th are released. They are no accused.

Mikalaj Dziadok (detained at Sep 3) on October, 1st was officially accused in participating in action against military maneuvers “West 2009” on Sep., 19, 2009 (art. 339 of criminal code).

Mikalaj’s address for solidarity letters is Belarus, Minsk, Valadarskaha str., 2, SIZO-1, k.42, Mikalaj Dziadok.

As far as we know Aliaksandar Frantskievich on 20 of September was officially accused in attack on police station in Salihorsk. He is not allowed to meet with his mother until he will make “valuable testimonies/confessions”.

Aliaksandar Frantskievich was moved to detention facility in Minsk. Aliaksandar’s address for solidarity letters is Belarus, Minsk, Valadarskaha str., 2, SIZO-1, k. 46, Aliaksandar Frantskievich.

Other arrested activists were not officially accused.

During September lots of house-searches and interrogations happened in Belarusian cities Minsk, Salihorsk, Homiel, Hrodna and Brest. Tens of various people (from subculturals and football fans to anti-nuclear and FNB activists) were questionned about their communications, cell calls, friends circle, activities, asked to recognize people on the photos from underground concerts. In Minsk people were pressed to give testimonies against Mikalaj Dziadok.

Incident near the Russia embassy (Molotoff was thrown there at the late August by group of unknowns calling themselves to be anarchistic group “Friends of Freedom”), which was a formal reason for hunt on activists, is now “forgotten” by police (no one was accused), but arrests and interrogations are still continuing.

Mikalaj and Aliaksandar have good advocates. Barys and Dzianis hasn’t yet.

Packages are delivered for everybody.

If you want to help write to minsksolidarity[at]

Friends and relatives of arrestee

minsksolidarity @ twitter

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