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new alternative club in prague

i was just informed by a friend about it, it opened allready some months ago…

from the website (

Current collective have decided to leave infoshop Revolver in Prague’s district Nusle and move closer to city centrum, next to one of the most traffic main road, to the site where freight railway station Žižkov is located.

Main reason for change is low interest of people for clearly political „caffé“. Also few years ago infoshop Krtkova kolona had to solve that problem. After we moved to Revolver the situation have not improved.

Decision to end clearly political infoshop does not mean we want to abandon concept of infocentrum. Infoshop in spaces of Discentrum will work in better or at least unchanged way.

Acreage of Discentrum is approximately three-times bigger than spaces of Revolver. Thus there is possibility to put in practice much wider range of activities 24 hous a day (maybe more 🙂 ).

Discentrum gives you opportunity to organize concerts, projections, lectures, discussions, workshops, exhibitions in place for more than hundred people. Room for audio studio, cyclo hire-service, working-room, gardening, free internet, lounge… also gonna to be there.

Discentrum collective is free gathering of people with anti-authoritatian view point. The participation to centrum’s action schedules and life can everybody who is going to share actively its grounds.

Similarly like in infoshop Revolver or Krtkova Kolona, in Discentrum we do not want to create classical faceless pud with live-music. Despite we serve basic alcoholic drinks, we want to let you know, that this ground is not dedicated to heavy drinking, hard drugs and so on! At our bar you do not find tabbaco or products with meat.

Discentrum will be opened on 26th of June 2010, informations about action schedule soon there. Websites under construction…


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